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We are Equestrian Architects

More than 15 years ago we began creating environments for horses, and it is now our passion. The work has taken us across the globe and given us an extraordinary understanding of horses and the people who own, train and care for them.

The planning and design of equine structures involves great responsibility. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the buildings must be healthy, functional and safe. Naturally, challenges are part of the architectural process, yet we go above and beyond to make every part of the experience pleasant for our clients.

Performance Horses are our specialty

We learn about your horses by being with them. We have spent years learning from leading veterinarians, as well as horse owners, trainers and handlers. These are essential connections, for they allow us to create the ideal environment for your horses, a place where they can enjoy activity, rest and rehabilitation.

Thoroughbreds, with their athleticism and intelligence, require the ultimate in care. Understanding them is an earned gift, catering to their needs a true calling. We know how to navigate this sensitive terrain, for we too, hold horses in our hearts.

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Our Inspiration

Horse Breeding Farms

"We work with deep involvement in the Equestrian business projects side by side with breeders and farm owners to the point where their passion has become our own"

J. Gerlero - Principal - F3 Architecture


"Your dreams accommodated: You dream it, we create it"


A combination of function and beauty. Contemporary and environmentally conscious.

We share your sensibilities. We work beside you.

What We Do

Across the Americas, we have designed and built award-winning spaces for performance horses, from modest ranches to elaborate estates. Whatever your request, we are here to provide an end result that makes you happy -- and where your treasured horses will thrive.

Stalls, Barns, and Stables, Reproduction Centers, Veterinary Clinics, Training Centers, Sales Pavilions, Offices and Service Buildings, Master-Planning, Infrastructure. We handle all of it, designing every detail with one thing in mind: high performance horses.

Master Planning

Master planning is the origin of F3 ARCHITECTURE’S projects. We begin by analyzing the location of the establishment and the activities and uses that must be carried out within it. The project gets divided into zones taking these functional requirements into account while also considering the animal’s well-being as the center of all decisions. Having these premises as a basis, the buildings start to take their own shape and each squared foot of the site acquires a specific identity. The constructions, the transit areas, the common areas, the urban equipment, the infrastructure and even the vegetation coexist as a whole.

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Stalls, Barns, and Stables

F3 ARCHITECTURE seeks to make all the essential and necessary components for the horse shelter, design elements. The materials we choose to use must be resistant and cozy at the same time, strong, lasting but fundamentally safe for the animal.

The arrangement of repeating composite modules allows us to generate attractive images in the set. Straight lines favour order and functionality.

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Reproduction & Veterinary Clinics

Experience has allowed us to incur in the use of specific technologies for equestrian activity. The priority are the horses. Everything that is required for breeding and subsequent training must be done with the best finishes and the most appropriate equipment. F3 ARCHITECTURE is continuously searching for new technologies in order to improve the performance of the animal. We know that to achieve elite, top performance horses, the context and the environment must meet the same standards of excellence.

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Sales Pavilions

In an establishment where excellence in horse breeding is sought, the aim is set to winning horses. In order to cover the commercial aspect of an activity with these characteristics, the sales buildings and its addendums must comply with the same quality standards. Wide spaces with great visuals, professional lighting, optimum acoustics, high-tech equipment, gastronomy services and comfortable furniture give the horse exhibition a perfect frame for sale. The visitor has everything needed to enjoy the purchase experience.

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Admin Offices

The administrative area in the equestrian activity encompasses several other aspects that also need to be included and taken care of. The administration becomes an office building in itself, often located off the property. F3 ARCHITECTURE create friendly, dynamic and versatile work spaces. Each use receives an architectural response according to its needs. The corporate image is represented in some way in each space.

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In projects of this magnitude, infrastructure is a fundamental part for good performance. From the moment in which the concept idea is established and a possible future growth is manifested, F3 ARCHITECTURE develops, alongside with their group of field expert advisors, the engineering of each service to be implemented on the site. We conceive each farm as a city in itself, with all that this requires, seeking to do so in an efficient, practical and long lasting way.

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Our Motto

One thing in mind: high performance horses

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